road case photo booth

This equipment setup is just two pieces, the box and the tripod. This is the perfect photo booth for the self serve digital sharing events.

We created this booth to use within our company, but would like to extend an invitation to our fellow photo booth entrepreneurs out there. 

This comes ready to go for any current photo booth company owner or anyone wanting to start their own photo booth business. 

Equipment includes: 

  • Roadcase box enclosure
  • DSLR Canon T6i
  • Canon f/4 17-40 “L” series lens
  • Computer running Windows 10
  • Alien Bees ring flash
  • 19 inch full touch screen monitor
  • Speaker tripod 
  • Power cord

Not included – Software – Load in your own software you feel most comfortable with. We have software recommendations for you too! 

Purchase price: $5,800

Think of it this way – Once you do 12 events at $500 each, you are making a return on your investment. 

If you already own a printer, you can easily hook in for onsite printing. Everyone loves having this option!

New Photo booth equipment at event